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Carb overload.

June 22, 2017

Last time, I said we were going to try pasta. And pasta we tried.

I did a little Sunday dinner with Christopher & Molly and that is where I first tried making pasta noodles.

The first part I’d like to say is this – kneading is no joke. It said to knead the damn dough for 8 to 10 minutes and I did just that – I knew I made noodles out of my arms but had to wait 45 minutes to attempt the noodles (dough had to rest, so did I).

We (dough & I) both rested and then it was time to use the flattening side of my awesome pasta maker. It worked like a charm. It was awesome to see how quickly my blob of dough became sheets. After sheets, I made fettuccine (because the small noodle of spaghetti made me nervous).

Guys. I’ve never been so proud of myself.

It may seem dumb to some but every time I overcome a cooking fear, I just get unbelievably excited. It’s been baby steps beginning around 22-23. Examples of this include my fear of touching raw meat, my fear of baking, my fear of open flame (still get nervous sometimes)…and I’m now conquering the world of fresh pasta. Conquering is strong word but I have to have faith or else my noods will be inadequate.

We did great on Sunday & our sauce was delish. Next, conquering homemade noodles on a weeknight & still eating at an acceptable time (8 and before).



I made solo homemade fettuccine and homemade alfredo sauce with broccoli.

Life changing. Delish. And I’ll share some photos.

Tomorrow is our Friday, thankfully. Little staycay weekend with running around the city together doing some different eats and brews, yoga & brunch downtown Saturday and tacos/tequila/marg festival Saturday night.

Full review to follow! Happy hump day!


NWI -> Indy -> Avon

June 17, 2017

It has been some time since I last posted and I would say the last year has been the most life changing and best year of my life (with tons of delicious food & drinks).

In the past year, I moved from Valparaiso back to Indy where I split a time between my parents house & Christopher’s Broad Ripple house. I was lucky enough to move here with a job and a lot of people who love me ❤️. I turned 30 in Vegas with my lovebug, my parents & my secondary parents and then I took a big leap & moved into a condo in Avon with Chris. 2017 has been a calmer year & we are loving life in the condo with the girls (pictured below) and we cook almost every meal. We have become quite the foodies.


We have also added something to our family that has been simply life changing and I would consider our baby: a flat top grill. Drop everything you are doing and go get one if you even semi-enjoy cooking. We have made burgers (2 times), chicken fried rice, blueberry pancakes (2 times), Hibachi Style Steak all in like 2 weeks. It comes highly recommended by us and the Blueberry Pancakes have been enjoyed by us/Molly/my parents.



Again, absolutely obsessed with what this can do and we are completely enjoying our time with this. The brand is Blackstone.

Obviously we have done a lot of cooking in the past year…and we have started trying newer things like more seafood (shrimp, salmon, tilapia) and have pretty much found the perfect way to make filet mignon. And…wait for it…wait for it…

Christopher bought me a pasta maker (handle crank & has a motor) for our one year anniversary (shout out to him for dealing with me for a year, love you)! Tonight. Is. The. Pasta. Night. Planning to fail but hoping for the best – at least we will have my homemade meat sauce:

1 lb ground beef & 1 lb Italian sausage

1 small onion

28 oz diced tomato 🍅

8-12 oz tomato paste

4 garlic cloves minced

fresh Basil/fresh parsley (to taste)

salt & pepper

That is all you need for unreal deliciousness; beware, the fresh herbs is exactly what makes his special, so don’t do dried seasonings!

I will be updating a bit more since life has calmed down & we are cooking literally daily (chris is quite the chef these days)!

Food is my love.

July 19, 2016

Well, everyday is for food.

But I feel the weekends are for cooking and getting all my favorite things. Since my time in the region is dwindling quickly, I am trying to get in all my favorites. I have been to Tomato Bar for some brews & the buff pizza (of course), Suzies for a bite of a cinnamon roll & my fave omelette (as well as raisin bread, carb overload – I know), Chicago style pizza in Chicago, and meats and cheeses from Old World Market. There is much more I’d like, but again – time is limited.

I haven’t written about food and what I (with help) have made lately.  I took last Monday off because we had stuff to do that Sunday prior as well as I had an appointment in Indy so I decided that I would do some cooking Monday.  I made some meals for him for the week and also got dinner prepped as he worked/we finished OJ’s 30 for 30 five part series on ESPN.

For the meal prep,  I made my favorite baked chicken recipe (Greek Chicken with the Greek Seasoning she states in the blog).  All the spices together make a whole lot of deliciousness and I feel you can taste the hint of cinnamon just enough to make it almost sweet; fairly healthy also!  I made that with roasted veggies (little salt, little pepper and cayenne pepper) and quinoa – made three meals for him .



If you know me, you know that ground beef is one of my least favorite meats and I rarely use it in any of my cooking but lately, it has sounded fairly good.  So while in Fresh Market, I figured – why not make fresh burger patties and grill out for dinner (which also makes it a group effort because I do not work with open flame yet)?  I went off of this recipe and halved it as well as added some cheese into the burger which didn’t make a huge difference.  We did not make any of the other deliciousness on this page but I did make bacon to put on them (peppered bacon is a current weakness).  I would definitely make them again – but if you don’t like spicy, naturally a jalapeno cheeseburger is not going to be your thing.

This past weekend, he came up for the weekend because I had literally been to Indy like the 5 prior and I was/still am exhausted at all the back and forth.  We planned to go to Chicago on Saturday to the Field museum and to eat pizza (because it seems our lives revolve around food).  Knowing that Saturday was going to be a long day, I decided to start cooking dinner and have it close to ready for when he got here Friday.  I am not a big lasagna fan because I think it is difficult to eat and it never really stays together in the layers.  Basically, I am too uncoordinated for regular lasagna so about two years ago I found a recipe from The Pioneer Woman from FoodNetwork and it was Lasagna Roll Ups.  You make the sauce and it makes enough to freeze a few meals (if cooking for 2-3, it can easily make 3 loaf pans worth of meals to save for later.  I have frozen these before and I find that her instructions for baking after freezing to be a bit off because it seemed it took much longer than an hour – possibly closer to 1 hour 20/30 minutes.  Still worth it because you pop a pan in and then forget about it until its done with little to no clean up.

Next morning, before going to (and almost being late to) the train – he had found a recipe for a Breakfast Sandwich (also freezable) which I tallied up the calories when using multi-grain English muffins and it came in a little under 300 calories which isn’t bad for breakfast.  He loved the sandwich that morning and reported to me today that it was good coming from frozen form being heated up.  No pictures of the food from the weekend because I guess  I completely dropped the ball on that.

So many food options that I am going to take a stab at within the next couple weeks including fish tacos, a different kind of meatloaf (different from my turkey/zucchini one that is) and some other odds and ends. Will share the successes and the failures (as always)!

Also hoping to hit up some of my region faves that I will miss (Stacks, Shoe’s, La Cabana, Rolling Stonebaker, Pestos, etc). I know I won’t get them all but at least a couple.

Excited to rediscover my hometown though because I have been removed for over 7 years now, crazy huh?



L-I-V-I-N (finally)

July 14, 2016

Flashback to age 19 where adult life was beginning – normal 19 year old things: tumultuous relationship, slew of reckless decisions, know everything attitude, extreme dreams and still a ZEST for life.

Flashback to age 24 where adult life ACTUALLY began – following the timeline that society has placed on a “normal” 24 year old:  serious relationship, going through the same motions daily, staying and dealing with a job I hate, big purchases of vehicle & home, my light has dimmed and I was bored.

Now we arrive at age 29 where I am adulting and get a chance to start over and rejuvenate my life – going against the norm and rebelling against what society expected of me: doing what I want with my time, being completely independent (first time ever) and struggling, not settling, discovering new things often, and literally living life as I would like.

I am not a professional.  I have failed just as many times as I have been successful but I am lucky that everyone has let me fail and accepted me even post-failures.  Failures in relationships, failure in finances, failure in jobs, and failure in overall life choices.

With that being said, I feel more successful now after my MOST major fails than I ever have mostly because I learned how to be independent and how to have a voice.  Settling is something that society allows for us to do in life because of the “norms” (we even have a way that a “normal” woman looks, which is a whole other bullshit topic).  We can settle in all aspects of life (relationships, jobs, friends, cheap wine/Keystone light, etc).  But….

We are all extraordinary and unusual creatures which allows for us to all have remarkable relationships in life.  If we were the same, life would be boring. We should learn from one another – close friends, strangers, family members, and even children.  We don’t always choose to learn and embrace difference, rather we judge it and throw stones while we all live in glass houses.  Everyone is going to make decisions you don’t understand, live a way you won’t see fit, raise their kids in ways you may question, the list can go on but bottom line is it works for them and their life.

Are you bleeding?  Is it negatively effecting your life?  Is it something that is worth spending any of your precious time on? Is it any of your business?  The answers to those are 99.9% of the time, no.  So instead of worrying about others…


People will judge my life (I am totally guilty of  passing judgement, who isn’t? Be aware and WORK on it); then again, people will judge people and have been judging people for all of time but the best part of this is – I don’t care and neither should you.  I don’t care what people think or what people are whispering to others because my happiness is solely up to me, one hundred percent.  No one person or group of people can alter my happiness because that is found within/projected from within.  This lesson is the  hardest to learn and sometimes I falter, find myself getting a little dark – but as long as we are living, we are works-in-progress where we can only do our best.

Once I realized that judgement can’t alter my life, I decided to find what makes my fire stay burning and what makes me happy.  In finding our own happiness, there are some that are wounded along the way – some of those ties are forever severed, others are fixable and some you realize you don’t want to do anything with.  Keep people around that want to help you to keep dreaming and loving all things that life has to offer.  Passion in life is necessary and mediocrity should not even be an option.

By age 30,  I would like to be in the best place I have every been in my life.  I think that is a really attainable goal.  After reading millions of turning 30 blog posts/articles (obviously I had a little freak out about turning 30 earlier this year), a lot of them stated how life was really coming together by that age.  Stated above is partial proof.

2016 has taught me who is there for me, who I want to choose to be there for, how to (barely) survive on my own, how to live simply (no TV or computer), and how to let people in completely. 2016 literally taught me that life is so hard but so rewarding.

It also taught me that I should have listened to my girl LC so many years ago, so wise:


So, to anyone who takes time to read this, hopefully you can cheers to happiness & not dealing with mediocre anything in life – savor life, enjoy it and discover/learn something daily!


If you would have told me…

July 8, 2016

…that life would be great right now in February, I’d laugh. I still chuckle because some days are tough but overall I am in a better place and sooo happy.

In the upcoming months, I am going to make my journey back HOME. Northwest Indiana brought so much happiness, laughter and memories but so much sadness and loneliness. I am happy to be coming back to what is comfortable and what I consider/have always considered home.

The things that made me happy before still make me happy like cooking, being surrounded by people, and laughing. The good has definitely outweighed the bad. How lucky am I to have a fresh start before the age of thirty? It’s a blank canvas. So the temporary breakdowns and the emotions are all worth what is at the end: happiness, friends, family and the new beginnings.

With that, I have been made some delicious food in the past couple weeks with my assistant chef, Chris, which makes me happy within itself.


Skewers were made and the chicken was an additive; these were so delicious. These will definitely be something that is made OFTEN because it was fresh, simple and easy!


We we also made these Breakfast Enchilada which was WAY more than the two of us could eat – we both had leftovers and then even threw some out.  We used crumbled sausage versus the links (my preference also) and it was very good. I would make these again, but maybe if I am making brunch for a crowd vs two of us.

We also made Herb Chicken with all of our fresh herbs (pictured below: thyme, rosemary, parsley, basil).  No picture of the chicken but it was also a keeper because fresh herbs are life as I’ve stated before.  There is something so special about the smell and taste of anything fresh, now it’s just in his hands to keep them alive.


Hope you all had a great 4th of July and enjoy the warmth before we all complain about the cold again (I’ve spent the past 2 weeks bitching about humidity, hypocrite). Until next time!

Been a while…

June 21, 2016

I didn’t forget about this, but I have gone through many life changes during my hiatus which I am more than happy about but rather than discuss WHAT happened, I’ll choose to talk about what I’ve learned:

  1. Things don’t matter, people and relationships matter.
  2. People change but you cannot make people change for you.
  3. You are 100% a different person in your early 20’s than you are near the age 30.
  4. Life is funny.  Literally can’t take it too seriously.  Let it happen.
  5. You’re going to be okay.

With the life changing events came life changing finds: friendships new and old, support from friends/family, new people that are just made to fit your life, and things happen when you least expect them to.  Timing is funny and your life cannot be dictated by it because there is rarely such thing as perfect timing.

I am currently living with my best friend from college and her son so everyday is interesting.  Two women trying to do life together has been fun and I couldn’t have gone through all of this without her.  With that being said…

I have acquired help in the kitchen which is something that I haven’t ever had before but I have enjoyed working in the kitchen with people.

Made a trip to Indy this weekend (as usual) and lots of kitchen time was included:  made chicken wings, homemade peach BBQ sauce and peanut butter brownies. All homemade and we enjoyed everything this weekend for ourselves and Father’s Day:


Dry Rub Wings were the first of those made.  I have never taken a chance trying to make wings but I would say the first attempt was quite successful with the help of Christopher (because I do not mess with grills).  We let them marinate for about 3 hours and then threw them on the grill for about 8-10 minutes on each side.  They stayed pretty juicy and naturally were much more healthy than fried wings.

Next came the Peach BBQ Sauce which was really labor intensive; much more time than I figured but it was rewarding making it from fresh produce.  Chopped everything by hand and used the blender to make it thinner.  We used the BBQ sauce on chicken at my parent’s house for the Father’s Day cookout, it had tons of flavor.  My mom thought it had a bit of a kick to it (which it kind of did but she doesn’t love spicy) but it seemed that everyone else enjoyed it.  I am not sure I would go through the effort of making homemade BBQ sauce every time, but positive side was, it made such a large batch that it can be canned (as the recipe called for) or even freeze it for later use.

Also made dessert for father’s day.  I haven’t baked since February so it felt good to get back into the swing of things because it is so therapeutic.  Started back with it simple in case I lost my touch, and decided to make PB Brownies.  My sister is obsessed with peanut butter and I am not sure anyone hates it (other than Chase, who actually likes it but seems to be in denial).  They were rich and delicious. But the recipe called for quite a bit of the PB frosting so I had a lot leftover for my PB loving sister.  It would be great to dip fruit in.

Hoping to start doing this more often again because I have missed blogging about food and life; Happy to be back, hopeful you will all follow again!



February 1, 2016

I prepped all week for the whirlwind of the weekend.

Thursday, I woke up fairly early to get ready and get the show on the road for Indianapolis, the first stop of the trip.  Megan and I set up a time and place to meet to pay our respects to Michael Noblitt and his family.  It was devastating.  To point blank put it, it was absolutely heart-breaking.  We all go through the motions of every day, we are all guilty of it.  We don’t tell the people we love them as often as we should, we don’t stay connected with people who changed our lives for the better and we don’t tell people we miss them or are proud of them enough.  We get wake up calls all the time, minor ones.  Usually ones that are more selfish but when something like this happens and you are all brought back together – you realize how much you love these people and how they know your core.  Those are people to keep around.

Followed up that with a late lunch and brew with Megan.  Then onto devour downtown with my mom; we decided on Palomino.  I had never been there and neither had she…we got down there early for a cocktail before dinner and as we sit down with the drinks served in front of us, my mom is like ‘oh shit, i left everything i need in the car’ – off I went to retrieve it.  Got back, finished up our cocktails and onto the dinner.  I got a portabello mushroom soup as a starter, parmesan crusted tilapia with yukon gold mashed potatoes (yukon golds! my fave!) & asparagus.  It was delish! My mom loved it too.  It was nice to have some girl time with her after an emotional day and all my feels.  After that, I made it out downtown with Kevin and his work friends and stayed out just a little past my bed time but it was a walk down memory lane.  It was like college times.

Then comes the start of the traveling madness.  I woke up around 8:30 to start to move around and shower etc.

Friday 10:30 AM – Indianapolis Airport drop off

10:45 AM – Overpriced bloody mary at Harry and Izzy’s

11:40 AM – Board plane

1:30 PM – Get off plane in HOTLANTA, drink overpriced brew

2:30 PM – Board plane

3:30 PM (now central time) – land and picked up by 4 PM ish…

Then I got to experience a short time in New Orleans but I’d say Nikki did a great job at fitting in some things she enjoyed/others enjoyed.  I tried Cafe du Monde beignets,  got a to-go daquiri (completely crazy that you can get those to go, just can’t put in the straw) and then we went to a Mardi Gras parade.  Overall, a lot in a little time.  The best part of it all was meeting Elise.  Such a sweet baby girl!

Onto the dreaded wake up on Saturday morning – we set a goal to get out of their by 5. I heard Nikki get into the shower at 4:30 so the minute I heard hers stop, I jumped in. We got everything packed up and everyone ready to go by 5:30. To say Nikki and I were impressed would be an understatement. We were off to Indy!

I took baby duty while our fearless leader took the wheel. First up, coffee. After trying three places – we ended up at a Starbucks for some caffeine and we got on the road at 5:50. All went smooth and well the whole time which included one rest area stop, one longer stop in Nashville to visit for a bit, then a couple food/gas stops…she was a peach until about 8 o’clock when she lost it. Such a sweet baby!

So over 36 hours, I was in 3 airports and a car and back in Indy. It was fun being a part of the adventure and although my body aches and is tired – I would do it all over again for one of my favorite families and my best friends. I am excited to go back in 3 weeks though and actually enjoy the city!

I am back. I am hoping for a productive week with plenty of sleep…and don’t worry, I’ll be cooking starting tomorrow! 


Kitchen Hiatus

January 27, 2016

Another rough week but who am I to complain about the simple things in life when there are people struggling with much more?  My complaints are so small…

I hated today; strong words for a day that I would honestly like to forget due to stress, hateful people and just complete struggle.  Bottom line is, you have to accept these days with open arms because life is simply not rainbows and butterflies.  Life is so unfair, it is hard and things more often than not don’t go your way – this is something that schooling can’t teach you, but I wish it could.

I cooked yesterday – made Kevin his favorite, the sausage and potato hash and I made myself one avocado homemade guacamole.  Do you guys ever make single serving guacamole?  Since I am the only one in this house that enjoys guac, I make it often and it is so easy: one avocado, 1/4 of an onion diced (i love onion), half of a roma tomato diced, a little lime juice, couple sprigs of cilantro (also obsessed with cilantro), dash of cumin/paprika/garlic salt…YOU ARE WELCOME.  Single serving guac.

Tomorrow is the last day of the work week for me; I am heading to my hometown for a wake on Thursday and flying to New Orleans on Friday.  I would say all together, it is a bittersweet week.

With that being said, I will choose to dwell on a couple upcoming positives: Devour Downtown with my mom, possible drinks with Kevin in Indy Thursday, and most importantly meeting Elise this weekend!!  I have not seen my BFF Nikki since her baby shower weekend and I am so excited to go on Elise’s first adventure to Indy (by car…wish us luck).

I was so thrilled to be asked because being the friend with no kids sometimes counts you out of a lot of bonding time with the mama (who is your friend no matter the priority change) and baby.  I am excited to see their new home and see MiMi and hopefully my first love, Matt.  It is a quick trip but don’t worry, we’re invading them in three weeks too!  I feel blessed to see my lovebug Elise 2 times within a month!

My blog may suffer but have no fear, I am not quitting.  I may even blog about the food I eat over the next 4-5 days, maybe even about Elise’s perfection, or just the fact that I am reuinted with “my person”, or simply the adventures of the road trip.

If you know my hatred for planes, you’ll pray for me Friday and actually send up an extra prayer for the person next to me cause I will either hold their hand OR talk their ear off the whole time. Sorry bro, grandma, mom figure…I’m just anxious!

How is it Sunday?

January 25, 2016

I mean, I swear it was just Friday morning. I am blasting music (Katy Perry, judge me!) trying to act like tomorrow isn’t Monday HOWEVER it is a short week for me…and I get to go to Devour Downtown with my mom in Indy on Thursday (maybe meet up with my husband and party a little that night in Indy too, like college days) AND get to travel to New Orleans to see my best friend and meet my “niece” Elise!

This weekend was pretty chill.  Friday was easy living and then Saturday I decided it was time to go and buy some clothes and such for myself.  Just kidding, you know I am too cheap for that nonsense; I had some returns at Maurice’s and just traded them out and got 2 clearance items because AGAIN, I am cheap.

Onto Saturday, we had date night with some friends and one of the girls had set up cooking class for us all.  I didn’t know what to expect but Kevin was down to do it so I said yes – honestly it wasn’t what I expected but it WAS still fun.  We were all put with someone other than our significant other (other than Mindy and Kyle) so I got matched with Joe.

Sweet, sweet Joe. Honestly, he was the greatest passive partner that helped when need be.  We got crab cakes which I do like but usually not a dish that I would order so I was excited to be out of my comfort zone.  The chef had made “prep” pans for every food type (there were 6 different groups) and ours seemed to be lacking a good amount of what the recipe called for (basil, celery, olive oil…) so that was Joe’s first task.  We sauteed the pepper/celery/onion concoction and then we put everything in a bowl to make the crab cakes which was the cutest part.  I wanted Joe to put his hands in there; it made me flash back to the first time I made meatloaf.  When he first put his hands in, he was so gentle but I told him to dig in.  He made the best shaped/looking crab cakes after he decided to get dirty with it (we won best dish, I accredit him with that).  It was fun!


Enter a caption

We left there, came home…slept and I knew I would wake up early so I had planned on making from scratch donuts with from scratch glaze.  I did both.

I feel like there is nothin’ better than waking up on a weekend knowing there really isn’t any extreme responsibility.  Donuts signify that.  They are a childhood favorite and they are just a nice little treat for your weekday issues – and there are usually some leftover for Kevin to have for his WEEK DAY woes 🙂

If you read my prior post on donuts, I used a mix but this go round…I found a 6 donut making recipe and it was funfetti (Kevin loves) and I figured, what do I have to lose?  Well, I am here to tell you that we only gained both weight and a recipe to keep around.  These donuts were perfection and I would choose these over DD any day but not over Longs (Kevin has yet to have those little pieces of heaven). Look how they fluffed up!  Get a DONUT PAN ALREADY, funfetti donuts!


So after our sugar high of a morning, we relaxed…I colored in my coloring book, cleaned and laundered some but mostly colored.  I am literally the biggest kid and now I have my earphones in but am singing loud; Kevin is loving life.  I think I heard him say “Oh I know Lady, I thought this was only a girls night deal”….

Then I decided it was time for a little cooking and a little meal prep and this type of meal is my favorite:  ONE POT MEAL!

Veggie Fajita Pasta is what was made.  Honestly, for a one pot meal, it called for a lot of fresh veggies and seasonings – it was very delicious and it will be my meal for lunch Monday through Wednesday.  I am unsure what the recipe called for exactly but I did use whole wheat pasta (as I always do in anything that calls for pasta).  I am a huge fan of this because it isn’t a dried out tasting pasta and I feel it will heat up well (will confirm later).



Tomorrow is Monday. Lets conquer it !

PS…Kevin just asked me to bring it down 28 notches.

Fun Friday!

January 23, 2016

The amount of productiveness that came out of me today was crazy.  So much done at work, then workout and kitchen time.  I thought when I pressed snooze for an hour (not an exaggeration, also not too proud of that) that I was going to be in for it today…

I am already having the winter blues which isn’t good because it is only mid-January: pressing snooze more than usual, dreading getting out of bed, just going through the motions of the day without getting anything really accomplished, laying around, my feelings of wanting to wear pajamas 24/7.  I need to snap out of it because I am annoying myself so I am trying to come up with lists of things to accomplish weekly.  So far, the list is a thought and nothing is on it because as stated above – I am just struggling.

That struggle has unfortunately carried over to my kitchen life.  Wednesday is dollar beer night at the nearest pizza place, so I suckered Kevin into taking me there for a couple brews and sandwiches.  Sometimes, you just need a night out to unwind.  I love the feels of this particular place for some reason too, family owned and operated (and I am pretty sure he knows me from all our trips there and carry outs).  So that was our solo date night of the week; cheap and delicious!

Thursday was grocery day and I went without a list.  I depend so much on that list because I am like a toddler in a grocery store – if something looks pretty on a shelf, I will just grab it.  I sat in my car for like 10 minutes before and took a snapshot of some recipes:  creamy cilantro chicken and fajita veggie pasta.  Thursday night was turkey nachos and tonight, I made my own little marinade for our chicken.  I came out of the grocery spending $57 and it SHOULD last me until Monday maybe Tuesday night.  I would say that is successful.  I also was able to bag my own groceries which is my preference – is anyone else that way?  I line them up as they should be bagged and with what they should be bagged with every time…yet they end up putting eggs with a bag of apples or bread under every thing on the converyor belt or meat with your produce.  I appreciate help in life, but like I know the grocery.  I do you a solid by setting you up for perfection and when I get home to 2 broken eggs, I am not thrilled cause those eggs were five bucks.  I won’t even let Kevin carry in my golden eggs!  Ok, ok…end rant…

Tonight, I decided to experiment a bit in the marinade category.  I said to Kevin “the good news is, if you don’t like it…we do have a couple frozen pizzas in the freezer”.

We DID enjoy it and below is what i did:

I bought some chicken tenders and didn’t want to oil up a pan and cook them and I wasn’t in the mood for a breaded tender either so I decided, why not make my own marinade?  I used about 2 tbsp garlic olive oil, like 3 cloves of garlic, juice of a half lemon, 1 tbsp rosemary, 1 tbsp oregano, a little salt/pep, dash of onion powder and crushed red pepper.  Put in all in the food processor and poured over the chicken and rubbed it in then baked in the oven.  It had a little kick but a great lemony garlic flavor too.  I would make something similar again.  It would be a perfect marinade for chicken that you were putting in a wrap or a salad – fresh tasting!

Last weekend before absolute insanity hits until April.  Excited to get shit done, have a little fun and enjoy the company!

Tomorrow night, we are doing a cooking class…wish us luck 😉