Carb overload.

Last time, I said we were going to try pasta. And pasta we tried.

I did a little Sunday dinner with Christopher & Molly and that is where I first tried making pasta noodles.

The first part I’d like to say is this – kneading is no joke. It said to knead the damn dough for 8 to 10 minutes and I did just that – I knew I made noodles out of my arms but had to wait 45 minutes to attempt the noodles (dough had to rest, so did I).

We (dough & I) both rested and then it was time to use the flattening side of my awesome pasta maker. It worked like a charm. It was awesome to see how quickly my blob of dough became sheets. After sheets, I made fettuccine (because the small noodle of spaghetti made me nervous).

Guys. I’ve never been so proud of myself.

It may seem dumb to some but every time I overcome a cooking fear, I just get unbelievably excited. It’s been baby steps beginning around 22-23. Examples of this include my fear of touching raw meat, my fear of baking, my fear of open flame (still get nervous sometimes)…and I’m now conquering the world of fresh pasta. Conquering is strong word but I have to have faith or else my noods will be inadequate.

We did great on Sunday & our sauce was delish. Next, conquering homemade noodles on a weeknight & still eating at an acceptable time (8 and before).



I made solo homemade fettuccine and homemade alfredo sauce with broccoli.

Life changing. Delish. And I’ll share some photos.

Tomorrow is our Friday, thankfully. Little staycay weekend with running around the city together doing some different eats and brews, yoga & brunch downtown Saturday and tacos/tequila/marg festival Saturday night.

Full review to follow! Happy hump day!


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