Food is my love.

Well, everyday is for food.

But I feel the weekends are for cooking and getting all my favorite things. Since my time in the region is dwindling quickly, I am trying to get in all my favorites. I have been to Tomato Bar for some brews & the buff pizza (of course), Suzies for a bite of a cinnamon roll & my fave omelette (as well as raisin bread, carb overload – I know), Chicago style pizza in Chicago, and meats and cheeses from Old World Market. There is much more I’d like, but again – time is limited.

I haven’t written about food and what I (with help) have made lately.  I took last Monday off because we had stuff to do that Sunday prior as well as I had an appointment in Indy so I decided that I would do some cooking Monday.  I made some meals for him for the week and also got dinner prepped as he worked/we finished OJ’s 30 for 30 five part series on ESPN.

For the meal prep,  I made my favorite baked chicken recipe (Greek Chicken with the Greek Seasoning she states in the blog).  All the spices together make a whole lot of deliciousness and I feel you can taste the hint of cinnamon just enough to make it almost sweet; fairly healthy also!  I made that with roasted veggies (little salt, little pepper and cayenne pepper) and quinoa – made three meals for him .



If you know me, you know that ground beef is one of my least favorite meats and I rarely use it in any of my cooking but lately, it has sounded fairly good.  So while in Fresh Market, I figured – why not make fresh burger patties and grill out for dinner (which also makes it a group effort because I do not work with open flame yet)?  I went off of this recipe and halved it as well as added some cheese into the burger which didn’t make a huge difference.  We did not make any of the other deliciousness on this page but I did make bacon to put on them (peppered bacon is a current weakness).  I would definitely make them again – but if you don’t like spicy, naturally a jalapeno cheeseburger is not going to be your thing.

This past weekend, he came up for the weekend because I had literally been to Indy like the 5 prior and I was/still am exhausted at all the back and forth.  We planned to go to Chicago on Saturday to the Field museum and to eat pizza (because it seems our lives revolve around food).  Knowing that Saturday was going to be a long day, I decided to start cooking dinner and have it close to ready for when he got here Friday.  I am not a big lasagna fan because I think it is difficult to eat and it never really stays together in the layers.  Basically, I am too uncoordinated for regular lasagna so about two years ago I found a recipe from The Pioneer Woman from FoodNetwork and it was Lasagna Roll Ups.  You make the sauce and it makes enough to freeze a few meals (if cooking for 2-3, it can easily make 3 loaf pans worth of meals to save for later.  I have frozen these before and I find that her instructions for baking after freezing to be a bit off because it seemed it took much longer than an hour – possibly closer to 1 hour 20/30 minutes.  Still worth it because you pop a pan in and then forget about it until its done with little to no clean up.

Next morning, before going to (and almost being late to) the train – he had found a recipe for a Breakfast Sandwich (also freezable) which I tallied up the calories when using multi-grain English muffins and it came in a little under 300 calories which isn’t bad for breakfast.  He loved the sandwich that morning and reported to me today that it was good coming from frozen form being heated up.  No pictures of the food from the weekend because I guess  I completely dropped the ball on that.

So many food options that I am going to take a stab at within the next couple weeks including fish tacos, a different kind of meatloaf (different from my turkey/zucchini one that is) and some other odds and ends. Will share the successes and the failures (as always)!

Also hoping to hit up some of my region faves that I will miss (Stacks, Shoe’s, La Cabana, Rolling Stonebaker, Pestos, etc). I know I won’t get them all but at least a couple.

Excited to rediscover my hometown though because I have been removed for over 7 years now, crazy huh?




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