If you would have told me…

…that life would be great right now in February, I’d laugh. I still chuckle because some days are tough but overall I am in a better place and sooo happy.

In the upcoming months, I am going to make my journey back HOME. Northwest Indiana brought so much happiness, laughter and memories but so much sadness and loneliness. I am happy to be coming back to what is comfortable and what I consider/have always considered home.

The things that made me happy before still make me happy like cooking, being surrounded by people, and laughing. The good has definitely outweighed the bad. How lucky am I to have a fresh start before the age of thirty? It’s a blank canvas. So the temporary breakdowns and the emotions are all worth what is at the end: happiness, friends, family and the new beginnings.

With that, I have been made some delicious food in the past couple weeks with my assistant chef, Chris, which makes me happy within itself.


Skewers were made and the chicken was an additive; these were so delicious. These will definitely be something that is made OFTEN because it was fresh, simple and easy!


We we also made these Breakfast Enchilada which was WAY more than the two of us could eat – we both had leftovers and then even threw some out.  We used crumbled sausage versus the links (my preference also) and it was very good. I would make these again, but maybe if I am making brunch for a crowd vs two of us.

We also made Herb Chicken with all of our fresh herbs (pictured below: thyme, rosemary, parsley, basil).  No picture of the chicken but it was also a keeper because fresh herbs are life as I’ve stated before.  There is something so special about the smell and taste of anything fresh, now it’s just in his hands to keep them alive.


Hope you all had a great 4th of July and enjoy the warmth before we all complain about the cold again (I’ve spent the past 2 weeks bitching about humidity, hypocrite). Until next time!


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