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February 1, 2016

I prepped all week for the whirlwind of the weekend.

Thursday, I woke up fairly early to get ready and get the show on the road for Indianapolis, the first stop of the trip.  Megan and I set up a time and place to meet to pay our respects to Michael Noblitt and his family.  It was devastating.  To point blank put it, it was absolutely heart-breaking.  We all go through the motions of every day, we are all guilty of it.  We don’t tell the people we love them as often as we should, we don’t stay connected with people who changed our lives for the better and we don’t tell people we miss them or are proud of them enough.  We get wake up calls all the time, minor ones.  Usually ones that are more selfish but when something like this happens and you are all brought back together – you realize how much you love these people and how they know your core.  Those are people to keep around.

Followed up that with a late lunch and brew with Megan.  Then onto devour downtown with my mom; we decided on Palomino.  I had never been there and neither had she…we got down there early for a cocktail before dinner and as we sit down with the drinks served in front of us, my mom is like ‘oh shit, i left everything i need in the car’ – off I went to retrieve it.  Got back, finished up our cocktails and onto the dinner.  I got a portabello mushroom soup as a starter, parmesan crusted tilapia with yukon gold mashed potatoes (yukon golds! my fave!) & asparagus.  It was delish! My mom loved it too.  It was nice to have some girl time with her after an emotional day and all my feels.  After that, I made it out downtown with Kevin and his work friends and stayed out just a little past my bed time but it was a walk down memory lane.  It was like college times.

Then comes the start of the traveling madness.  I woke up around 8:30 to start to move around and shower etc.

Friday 10:30 AM – Indianapolis Airport drop off

10:45 AM – Overpriced bloody mary at Harry and Izzy’s

11:40 AM – Board plane

1:30 PM – Get off plane in HOTLANTA, drink overpriced brew

2:30 PM – Board plane

3:30 PM (now central time) – land and picked up by 4 PM ish…

Then I got to experience a short time in New Orleans but I’d say Nikki did a great job at fitting in some things she enjoyed/others enjoyed.  I tried Cafe du Monde beignets,  got a to-go daquiri (completely crazy that you can get those to go, just can’t put in the straw) and then we went to a Mardi Gras parade.  Overall, a lot in a little time.  The best part of it all was meeting Elise.  Such a sweet baby girl!

Onto the dreaded wake up on Saturday morning – we set a goal to get out of their by 5. I heard Nikki get into the shower at 4:30 so the minute I heard hers stop, I jumped in. We got everything packed up and everyone ready to go by 5:30. To say Nikki and I were impressed would be an understatement. We were off to Indy!

I took baby duty while our fearless leader took the wheel. First up, coffee. After trying three places – we ended up at a Starbucks for some caffeine and we got on the road at 5:50. All went smooth and well the whole time which included one rest area stop, one longer stop in Nashville to visit for a bit, then a couple food/gas stops…she was a peach until about 8 o’clock when she lost it. Such a sweet baby!

So over 36 hours, I was in 3 airports and a car and back in Indy. It was fun being a part of the adventure and although my body aches and is tired – I would do it all over again for one of my favorite families and my best friends. I am excited to go back in 3 weeks though and actually enjoy the city!

I am back. I am hoping for a productive week with plenty of sleep…and don’t worry, I’ll be cooking starting tomorrow!