Kitchen Hiatus

Another rough week but who am I to complain about the simple things in life when there are people struggling with much more?  My complaints are so small…

I hated today; strong words for a day that I would honestly like to forget due to stress, hateful people and just complete struggle.  Bottom line is, you have to accept these days with open arms because life is simply not rainbows and butterflies.  Life is so unfair, it is hard and things more often than not don’t go your way – this is something that schooling can’t teach you, but I wish it could.

I cooked yesterday – made Kevin his favorite, the sausage and potato hash and I made myself one avocado homemade guacamole.  Do you guys ever make single serving guacamole?  Since I am the only one in this house that enjoys guac, I make it often and it is so easy: one avocado, 1/4 of an onion diced (i love onion), half of a roma tomato diced, a little lime juice, couple sprigs of cilantro (also obsessed with cilantro), dash of cumin/paprika/garlic salt…YOU ARE WELCOME.  Single serving guac.

Tomorrow is the last day of the work week for me; I am heading to my hometown for a wake on Thursday and flying to New Orleans on Friday.  I would say all together, it is a bittersweet week.

With that being said, I will choose to dwell on a couple upcoming positives: Devour Downtown with my mom, possible drinks with Kevin in Indy Thursday, and most importantly meeting Elise this weekend!!  I have not seen my BFF Nikki since her baby shower weekend and I am so excited to go on Elise’s first adventure to Indy (by car…wish us luck).

I was so thrilled to be asked because being the friend with no kids sometimes counts you out of a lot of bonding time with the mama (who is your friend no matter the priority change) and baby.  I am excited to see their new home and see MiMi and hopefully my first love, Matt.  It is a quick trip but don’t worry, we’re invading them in three weeks too!  I feel blessed to see my lovebug Elise 2 times within a month!

My blog may suffer but have no fear, I am not quitting.  I may even blog about the food I eat over the next 4-5 days, maybe even about Elise’s perfection, or just the fact that I am reuinted with “my person”, or simply the adventures of the road trip.

If you know my hatred for planes, you’ll pray for me Friday and actually send up an extra prayer for the person next to me cause I will either hold their hand OR talk their ear off the whole time. Sorry bro, grandma, mom figure…I’m just anxious!


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