How is it Sunday?

I mean, I swear it was just Friday morning. I am blasting music (Katy Perry, judge me!) trying to act like tomorrow isn’t Monday HOWEVER it is a short week for me…and I get to go to Devour Downtown with my mom in Indy on Thursday (maybe meet up with my husband and party a little that night in Indy too, like college days) AND get to travel to New Orleans to see my best friend and meet my “niece” Elise!

This weekend was pretty chill.  Friday was easy living and then Saturday I decided it was time to go and buy some clothes and such for myself.  Just kidding, you know I am too cheap for that nonsense; I had some returns at Maurice’s and just traded them out and got 2 clearance items because AGAIN, I am cheap.

Onto Saturday, we had date night with some friends and one of the girls had set up cooking class for us all.  I didn’t know what to expect but Kevin was down to do it so I said yes – honestly it wasn’t what I expected but it WAS still fun.  We were all put with someone other than our significant other (other than Mindy and Kyle) so I got matched with Joe.

Sweet, sweet Joe. Honestly, he was the greatest passive partner that helped when need be.  We got crab cakes which I do like but usually not a dish that I would order so I was excited to be out of my comfort zone.  The chef had made “prep” pans for every food type (there were 6 different groups) and ours seemed to be lacking a good amount of what the recipe called for (basil, celery, olive oil…) so that was Joe’s first task.  We sauteed the pepper/celery/onion concoction and then we put everything in a bowl to make the crab cakes which was the cutest part.  I wanted Joe to put his hands in there; it made me flash back to the first time I made meatloaf.  When he first put his hands in, he was so gentle but I told him to dig in.  He made the best shaped/looking crab cakes after he decided to get dirty with it (we won best dish, I accredit him with that).  It was fun!


Enter a caption

We left there, came home…slept and I knew I would wake up early so I had planned on making from scratch donuts with from scratch glaze.  I did both.

I feel like there is nothin’ better than waking up on a weekend knowing there really isn’t any extreme responsibility.  Donuts signify that.  They are a childhood favorite and they are just a nice little treat for your weekday issues – and there are usually some leftover for Kevin to have for his WEEK DAY woes 🙂

If you read my prior post on donuts, I used a mix but this go round…I found a 6 donut making recipe and it was funfetti (Kevin loves) and I figured, what do I have to lose?  Well, I am here to tell you that we only gained both weight and a recipe to keep around.  These donuts were perfection and I would choose these over DD any day but not over Longs (Kevin has yet to have those little pieces of heaven). Look how they fluffed up!  Get a DONUT PAN ALREADY, funfetti donuts!


So after our sugar high of a morning, we relaxed…I colored in my coloring book, cleaned and laundered some but mostly colored.  I am literally the biggest kid and now I have my earphones in but am singing loud; Kevin is loving life.  I think I heard him say “Oh I know Lady, I thought this was only a girls night deal”….

Then I decided it was time for a little cooking and a little meal prep and this type of meal is my favorite:  ONE POT MEAL!

Veggie Fajita Pasta is what was made.  Honestly, for a one pot meal, it called for a lot of fresh veggies and seasonings – it was very delicious and it will be my meal for lunch Monday through Wednesday.  I am unsure what the recipe called for exactly but I did use whole wheat pasta (as I always do in anything that calls for pasta).  I am a huge fan of this because it isn’t a dried out tasting pasta and I feel it will heat up well (will confirm later).



Tomorrow is Monday. Lets conquer it !

PS…Kevin just asked me to bring it down 28 notches.


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