Fun Friday!

The amount of productiveness that came out of me today was crazy.  So much done at work, then workout and kitchen time.  I thought when I pressed snooze for an hour (not an exaggeration, also not too proud of that) that I was going to be in for it today…

I am already having the winter blues which isn’t good because it is only mid-January: pressing snooze more than usual, dreading getting out of bed, just going through the motions of the day without getting anything really accomplished, laying around, my feelings of wanting to wear pajamas 24/7.  I need to snap out of it because I am annoying myself so I am trying to come up with lists of things to accomplish weekly.  So far, the list is a thought and nothing is on it because as stated above – I am just struggling.

That struggle has unfortunately carried over to my kitchen life.  Wednesday is dollar beer night at the nearest pizza place, so I suckered Kevin into taking me there for a couple brews and sandwiches.  Sometimes, you just need a night out to unwind.  I love the feels of this particular place for some reason too, family owned and operated (and I am pretty sure he knows me from all our trips there and carry outs).  So that was our solo date night of the week; cheap and delicious!

Thursday was grocery day and I went without a list.  I depend so much on that list because I am like a toddler in a grocery store – if something looks pretty on a shelf, I will just grab it.  I sat in my car for like 10 minutes before and took a snapshot of some recipes:  creamy cilantro chicken and fajita veggie pasta.  Thursday night was turkey nachos and tonight, I made my own little marinade for our chicken.  I came out of the grocery spending $57 and it SHOULD last me until Monday maybe Tuesday night.  I would say that is successful.  I also was able to bag my own groceries which is my preference – is anyone else that way?  I line them up as they should be bagged and with what they should be bagged with every time…yet they end up putting eggs with a bag of apples or bread under every thing on the converyor belt or meat with your produce.  I appreciate help in life, but like I know the grocery.  I do you a solid by setting you up for perfection and when I get home to 2 broken eggs, I am not thrilled cause those eggs were five bucks.  I won’t even let Kevin carry in my golden eggs!  Ok, ok…end rant…

Tonight, I decided to experiment a bit in the marinade category.  I said to Kevin “the good news is, if you don’t like it…we do have a couple frozen pizzas in the freezer”.

We DID enjoy it and below is what i did:

I bought some chicken tenders and didn’t want to oil up a pan and cook them and I wasn’t in the mood for a breaded tender either so I decided, why not make my own marinade?  I used about 2 tbsp garlic olive oil, like 3 cloves of garlic, juice of a half lemon, 1 tbsp rosemary, 1 tbsp oregano, a little salt/pep, dash of onion powder and crushed red pepper.  Put in all in the food processor and poured over the chicken and rubbed it in then baked in the oven.  It had a little kick but a great lemony garlic flavor too.  I would make something similar again.  It would be a perfect marinade for chicken that you were putting in a wrap or a salad – fresh tasting!

Last weekend before absolute insanity hits until April.  Excited to get shit done, have a little fun and enjoy the company!

Tomorrow night, we are doing a cooking class…wish us luck 😉




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