Testing , Toenail, Tasty Tuesday

In that order…

Testing: Not like ISTEP standardized testing or classroom testing but REAL life testing of patience and reaction.  This week has worked every bit of my nerves and my stress is at an all time high because of work and life and all things adult.  As I sit here, I realize how little any of that matters and I am 100 percent over it – mother nature (women, you know) is testing me.

Toenail: Were you intrigued by that?  I know you are either grossed out prior to knowing what it means or you are extremely intrigued.  I love when we partake in Toenail Tuesday for Lady (our perfect pup orrrr in reality 7 year old curious loud dog).  Our locally owned pet store has toenail clippings for 5 bucks on Tuesday and they are awesome and Lady loves to sniff around the store.  She doesn’t get out much so it is a bit of an adventure for her and we always let her “pick” a special something.  She doesn’t really pick anything but I think I am so excited about the outting that its a really big affair and big deal (cue Kevin’s eye roll at me taking SO long to pick stuff for her).  This legit made my day; its the small things.


Blog readers meet my BFF/dogter, Lady…

Tasty:  I had a veggie scramble with some blueberries this morning and finished off the pot roast for lunch.  I knew I had chicken to cook tonight and it was time to make the Garlic Rosemary Chicken with potatoes (sans the green beans cause Kev isn’t into green beans).  First off, is there much better than the smell of FRESH rosemary?  The answer is HELL no.  Just the smell of rosemary made me so giddy that I knew this dish would not and could not fail.  Secondly, this meal is cooked on one cookie sheet which any person knows is such a positive.  Lastly, its an oven meal so once its prepped and in the oven, turn on the timer and relax without babysitting. Recipe Here!


*Please note that I used boneless skinless chicken breast because it was all I had;  it didn’t brown like boob with skin would but flavor was still delish!

Easy cleanup.  Already have heartburn from the garlic (proof that we’re only getting older) and now a little Vegas planning…so much happening these next two months, New Orleans twice, Vegas and Texas.

Stay warm, be positive and hopefully everyone gets over the hump of the week with grace and happiness!


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