Naughty Girl

So its Sunday, so I wanted to go to the gym and be SO productive and SO healthy.

I failed so hard. I am so naughty.  But we all deserve an all around naughty day, don’t we? I knew right away that I was going down the wrong path quick.  I just looked at Kevin and said “you want me to make some donuts this morning?”.  So with my new donut pan out and begging to be used, I made donuts.  Not HOMEMADE (although I do have some recipes but this was my first go round).  I used this batter:  Stonewall Kitchen Powdered Donuts.  I am not a sweets or donut girl, but these were delicious cake donuts and I would make them again.  This specific pan/batter made a dozen and Kevin ate 3 and I had 1.  I would say, if you have kids and have sleepovers, etc…get a pan and these mixes (many varieties available).  Very little time and effort and delicious breakfast!  We don’t have kids, we don’t have sleepovers but this will be in my aresenal for life now.  I am excited to try out my homemade recipes!


Then lunch was leftover Pot Roast; does anything say winter and comfort like pot roast or beef stew?  My pot roast was delicious and small enough that I won’t waste a lot (Kevin doesn’t eat it) but have enough for 4-5 meals for myself!  Easy, little cleanup and so perfect for these cold days:

1.5 lbs of English Roast (seasoned with some salt and pep)

4 Medium Yukon Gold Potatoes (chunks)

1/2 bag of baby carrots

3/4 large sweet onion (chunks)

Onion Soup Mix, Couple Minced Garlic Cloves, Salt, Pep, 1-1/4 cup water

Cook on high for 3 hours, then low for 4ish hours. Shred beef.

Last night Kevin wasn’t hungry enough to make the rosemary chicken so that will be tomorrow more than likely.  Speaking of tomorrow, I am less than thrilled to hear about the frigid temps tomorrow.  I feel sorry for all of us and our skin.  If I even hear that its going to be frigid with a little wind, my skin breaks out before even going outside.  It is going to be a rough week!

We cuddled up inside tonight, eating baked ziti and enjoying some brews before reality hits tomorrow.  Stay safe and warm y’all!




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