Rough Start

Well, Mondays are just…Mondays!  I am thankful that I get to see another one but it seems like I am just off-balance all day which my husband will tell you that I am just weird and off all the time.

Yesterday, I went to work as normal (hopefully that stops when Kevin buys the winning Powerball ticket right now) and knew that I was coming home for a solo night with just Lady and I.  I held back some leftovers from my mom and dad’s house to have so that I could literally just relax – cuddle, snuggle, watch trash TV and maybe blog.  Tiredness hit me like a ton of bricks and I did the first two with lady and started drifting away around 7 PM and was sound asleep by 8 PM.  That is quite early even for someone who acts double their actual age most of the times; so that brings me to this morning wake up.  Normal 4:15-4:30 wake up and my head was feeling a little off and then turned on a light and HOLY misery.  It hurt to have my eyes open and I felt that I could literally sleep all day long at that moment.  So I let my boss know that I  wasn’t going to make it in – please note this is my first call off due to sickness in like 4 years.  I hate doing it but I really didn’t want to drive nor did I think I could stand the flourescent lights.  So I passed back out until like 7:30 (cause Lady was not thrilled with the later wake up) and decided to try to make myself something.  So I made a little egg scramble with some protein and veggies to get some nutrients in my body.  Back to laying down and doing nothing with lady; dozed here and there and then luckily had some leftover soup to heat up for lunch.  BAM, I felt human again. I am still a little tired somehow but I feel like I can function.  Which brings me to the kitchen a little bit longer.

I felt completely worthless for the day so I figured that Kevin would have a not fun ride home from Indy so I baked him some Cookies! and they are supposed to be chocolate chip according to the recipe…but I was in the house and decided to go with what I had which was dark chocolate M&M’s.  This specific recipe had some little facts on like “why cornstarch”,  reasons to go heavy on chocolate chips and brown sugar, etc.  I am all for pointers and explanations.  These were a big hit and Kevin said they were “fluffy” so I think that is one time to TOTALLY accept that as an adjective!

I had those and a cold beer poured for him when he got home; sometimes I am not so bad!


Upper left is a modeling picture because Kevin was over our cookie sheets so he got “me” some for Christmas; men!  Disclaimer:  I made larger cookies which extended the cook time to 15ish minutes and made 16 cookies!

I love baking and I love watching people enjoy the sweet goodies that bring comfort as well as some happiness.  With that being said, I don’t generally enjoy anything sweet and rarely will you see me munching on sweets.  I really dislike adding sugar to my diet that isn’t natural (like in fruits) because it is a trigger for my skin among other things.  So if sweets are your thing – there is a chance that weekly i’ll have a cookie or muffin or cupcake of sorts around…come on over and bring chips & salsa, we’ll barter!

Well as we finish up this Tuesday up…I end with dinner conversation which I wish could be another recipe but it isn’t.  I offered to make dinner even though I am still tired and together we decided on a gourmet Jack’s Frozen Pizza.  Sometimes, frozen pizzas are like a little piece of heaven on this earth – doesn’t dirty many dishes, quick and easy, and simply remind me of being in college.

Tomorrow is a little meal planning, a little cookin’ dinner and hopefully a lot of relaxing.  Hope everyone had a great first two days of the week; hoping hump day brings a good feeling Kristin and a lack of stress work day.





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