Weekend Madness

You know when you feel like you’ve done SO much but really accomplished very little?  That was me this weekend.  Shot straight to Indy on Friday after work for a nice home-cooked meal from my mom and just enjoying some adult beverages and conversation.  One of the convos happened to be about the winter storm that was coming on Saturday late afternoon/evening and they urged me to hurry back Saturday and cancel the appointment I was there for.  So I did and guess what! The region didn’t even end up getting an inch.  Its okay, I got in a nice visit and a chill weekend with Kev and Lady.

My mom made me Beef and Noodles with her homemade mashed potatoes on Friday with a follow up of her homemade Biscuits and Gravy on Saturday morning.  Not shitting you, the smell woke me up.  My dad even said “told you the smell would wake her”.  One day, I will learn how to make the gravy but until then, I will allow her to make it for me whenever she deems it necessary. (Also, her mashed potatoes are the BEST – her supposed secret? Yukon Gold potatoes, Milnot and reserving a little water from boiling them among other things…mine still are NEVER the same as hers).

That brings me to yesterday.  Doomsday according to NWI.  It was really ridiculous and why milk and bread?  Is that really going to save you when we get snow and you are stuck inside?  As soon as I got into town, I  had to go to the store because we literally had very little to make an actual meal with so I stopped by Stracks only to find zero parking spots and ended up getting honked at and the middle finger.  My anxiety was through the roof so OFF TO TARGET I went.  I have enough to last me Saturday-Wednesday for $50 bucks.  I consider that a huge victory (since the Velveeta alone was $6.50, enter in extremely dramatic eyeroll).

Last night,  I made homemade Bacon Mac N Cheese.  Kevin is a huge fan of this meal and I gave it thim as an option, he jumped on it.  It is just my own improv meal using elbow noodles, Velveeta, butter, milk, breadcrumbs, bacon and the bacon grease.  It is easy and delish.

Today was brunch and then I meal prepped for the beginning of the week, on deck?  Lemon Orzo Soup!  Today, I decided to change it up just a little bit.  I told you how I am frugal so I only bought one package of chicken for this week and didn’t want to use it for this so I chose to put chickpeas in place of the chicken.  Beans are perfect substitutes.  It ups the amount of carbohydrates of course, but I will just keep that in mind for breakfast and dinner.  Beans are so good to help you make a cheap meal or a meatless meal – so interchangable.


This is about 5 servings because I did only 4 cups of chicken stock and 3/4 cup of water.  This is less than 2 dollars a serving which is great.  Fresh produce, pantry products, and just great for when you are feeling a little under the weather.  Even use the lemon carcasses to clean up your kitchen and make it smell delicious.

That brings me to the importance of meal planning and grocery gettin’.   I have brought up pantry meals in ever post but I am going to tell you my favorite things to make sure I have around: garlic (fresh), some type of rice, boxed pasta, diced tomatoes (reg and rotel), chicken broth, potatoes, carrots/celery, frozen onions and spinach, pasta sauce, panko breadcrumbs and regular breadcrumbs, italian or ranch seasoning packet, taco seasoning.  Do you see the opportunity?  Mix some italian seasoning with panko breadcrumbs and then bread chicken and bake them – DELISH.  Chicken broth to slow cook some chicken and then add some taco seasoning or salsa, make anything.  Ranch seasoning mixed with ground beef and onion – burgers.  Just sit down, think about what you enjoy eating regularly and use regularly and make sure to buy an extra couple.  That way, you can just focus on buying your meat.  If something is on sale, I will purchase multiple so that I don’t have to pay full price.

Also when you are buying groceries, think about the uses of the protein/meat throughout the week.  I will buy a pound of sausage to make omelettes for the week as well as make your own pizza.  Baked chicken as a meal and then used in a salad.  Always think about how to MAXIMIZE your purchases and use all you have.

Eating at home was the key to successful weight loss and overall feeling good for me personally cause I controlled everything and portions.  Diets are a great thought BUT do NOT take away everything you love or skip meals or limit yourself so much that you can’t stand it.  And don’t beat yourself up because its a process and nothing changes over night so no one should be like this:


Everyone.  Survive Monday, actually…CONQUER your Monday!



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