Every day has been a Monday…

but I am getting my hair done Saturday FINALLY! (cue the hallelujahs!)

It has been easy peasy kitchen days (or lack of kitchen days) because my sweetheart husband decided to plan a little mid-week date for the two of us.  Dinner and a movie.  Highly recommend “The Big Short” to anyone interested in more serious yet informative movies; I am sure the housing market issues and chaos from 2007-2008 affected you or someone you knew.

Today, I needed to go to Target after the gym and I was dreading it.  I know  most people are like me, walk in with a list or monetary amount you are wanting to spend but walk out with that plus a million.  Today, I sat out in the car pep talking myself because it is just ridiculous the amount of random shit I walk out with.  How did my pep talk go? “Kristin, you don’t even need to look in women’s or junior’s because you have enough to get you through til spring/summer.  You do need a new sports bra and regular bra but if you walk to these sections, you’ll purchase like 5.  Don’t do it. Stick to the necessities.”

So I did. Ish.

I had to buy bathroom necessities – razors, TP, D.O. for our B.O. but then the hard part was going to the food.  I love their food section.  I love just looking at what they have.  For instance, they had a 10 oz package of pre shredded organic chicken – WHO KNEW!?!  Remember the whole lazy meal thing?  There ya go, perfection in the refrigerated aisle.  Either way, since I ran into someone I knew and spent so much of my time just looking, I decided make your own pizza night for the Hetrick’s tonight and make an omelette for tomorrow morning.  Seriously, omelettes are quick (and can be easy as long as the flip goes well) and so many health benefits from them.  I usually do an omelette but sometimes do a nice scramble. Tonight,  I made a green pepper, onion and turkey sausage with a smidge of cheese omelette.


Some things I’d like to plug is this (10% off on Cartwheel plus a $5 dollar gift card if you buy three):


Serving size of this one is four per bag and it is delicious! You see the amount of IRON ladies? Fiber, potassium. This is a quick something to make to last you a good part of the week for your lunch.  They give you ideas of what to add to it too; they ring in between 3-7 bucks (this specific one is on the 3 dollar side and I do love it).  A little high on sodium but their is a lot of positive to this meal.

That wraps up my last two days, looking forward to the weekend…may even have a co-host tomorrow, Phyllis Kay.  I am visiting my parents and she is cooking beef and noodles with homemade mashed potatoes.  There is nothing better than being cooked for!



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