Go-to & Easy

Its all about simplicity when you are feeling the struggles of the week already (and its only Tuesday). I am all about simple staples/pantry meals at my house because some days, you just don’t want to be a domestic diva!

Today, as I would tell one of my best friends Danielle in reference to Destiny’s Child,  I am the Kelly Rowland and there is no sight of Beyonce. I try to Beyonce everyday, but we all have days where we are more so her backups. So I Kelly’ed my way to the gym for a quick sweat and then came home and let Kevin decide the simple dinner through three choices and as always: cajun potatoes with smoked turkey sausage.

Guys, this is a staple. Low on funds meal, feeling lazy meal, comfy meal. I have about 4-5 of these and most of them are self created. This specific one is a little sodium high but otherwise, it isn’t horrendous. You ready for these ingredients?

-Russet potatoes (cubed, 2-3 large)

-Eckrich Smoked Turkey Sausage

-3-4 tbps of olive oil, salt/pepper, cajun seasoning

Cook the potaoes til crispy yet soft to the taste, then throw in the sausage for a while and brown it up – add seasonings, toss and cook a little longer and you have yourself an EASY meal.

If Kevin isn’t here? Oh man, I will add onions or peppers or mushrooms. Zuchinni could work. Could put this in the oven versus my skillet way. Fact of the matter is, no real brain needed and it is quick and easy.

I think that the way to get through a week is pantry meals.  This is where some creative juices flow to; try different seasonings and try different things because if it was already sitting in your pantry, what other big plans did you have? Do you have a box of rice in your pantry and some chicken breast in the fridge with some steamable broccoli in your freezer – i smell a nice little rice bowl with a little seasoning here and there of your choice.

My mom loves to cook.  Her mom loved to cook.  It took me longer to get the bug but I have it also.  My mom has told me not to be scared to fail in the kitchen and I fail more often than I’d like to admit.  But it is simply one of the few things I’ve never given up on.  Don’t give up.  The failure is totally worth it because you find what you like (like your ungodly obsession with fresh cilantro and parsley).

Some of my favorite lazy meals are comfy, and not really “holy hell I am going to lose weight eating that” but they aren’t terrible for you either, remember PORTION control…if you want my bacon mac n cheese meal (totally comfy and fattening), that may come later. That is a remix of Phyllis Kay’s (my mother) recipe of regular mac and cheese.  A couple of my staples and easy go-to’s:

Hummus Chicken < with or without the veggies, and after its done cooking, pop it in the broiler for a little more crusting!

Cajun Chicken Rice <meals for days, I use brown rice instead. LOVE this meal, probably in my top 10 favorite meals.

Chicken Noodle Soup ITS THE REEEMIXXXX <game changer, make it this weekend. you’ll fall in love and I will simply say, YOU ARE WELCOME.

Let me know your favorite quick meals, lord knows we all need them!






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