Sunday Funday

Anyone else get the Sunday Blues? I don’t even hate my job but I still hate the overall thought of Mondays (shoutout to all the teachers who head back after a long break, thats a tough Monday).

My most productive day of the week is ALWAYS Sunday and I would like to give you a better reason than the fact that I slack off Friday & Saturday by doing little to nothing.

So I woke up this morning and knew I needed to hit the ground running which brings me to my first break of the day, 3:00 PM. I made my way to the gym for a little cardio and lift session before I went a little loco in the kitchen. I tried 2 new recipes today, one is a big time keeper and the other one will make its way around here and there.

First up, PB Banana Blender Muffins. These would be so much easier for all of you with state of the art blenders but mine is a hand me down from like 1980. I went in knowing that there would be a couple cuss words towards this blender during this recipe, I was more than correct. I am always interested in recipes that are like 5 ingredients or less but I always think that they are too good and easy to be true. The biggest positive of this recipe is you are very likely to have all things on hand: bananas, peanut butter, eggs, vanilla and baking soda. These are flourless and added sugarless with protein from egg/PB and the natural goodness of a banana. I think it tastes good but not great, I feel it was missing something but I am unsure of what. Recipe here!


As soon as I woke up, or was woken up by Kevin, I jumped up and got into the kitchen, set the crockpot on high with a little over a 1.5 lbs of chicken breasts and about 3/4 of a can of chicken broth. I don’t know how anyone else makes shredded chicken but this way is easy and you can literally walk away from it for whatever time is needed. A few hours in the crockpot and it practically shreds itself. I am a HUGE fan of shredded chicken and the opportunities it can provide. Please note that either of the next things made are also yummy with a Rotisserie chicken from the deli, not much work for you and the same deliciousness.

I decided to make Kevin Buffalo Chicken quesadillas and made myself Spicy White Chicken Chili. With this blog, you’ll notice a lot of his and hers meals. I love anything, Kevin loves very little.

Buffalo chicken quesadillas are simple (and if I ate it, I would have changed it up a little with some red onion and avocado with it) and overall not terrible for you minus the cheese, but who doesn’t love a little dairy? Simply shred the chicken, I put a little salt/pepper/cajun seasoning on it and then toss in some Buffalo Wing Sauce. Do not go cheap on the wing sauce and make sure that it is a bit on the thicker side because it will hold up on bread and tortillas much better. I used provolone cheese for the ‘dillas because something about provolone with buffalo sauce is  SO right. Made two for Kevin, he loved.

Then I shredded up the remaining chicken for the spicy white chicken chili – which i made very spicy. It was everything I wanted and more. As always, you can keep the heat down by taking out al the seeds in the jalapeno and maybe even up the fresh cilantro. I halved this recipe and I would say that it is near 5 generous servings. Definitely on the healthy side and it will last me through Tuesday night. I am all about maximizing the dollar and ingredients. This specific soup came in costing ROUGHLY $9.50. That includes all ingredients. If I can get 4-5 meals out of it, I am WINNING. Always think about overall cost! Chili Recipe!


Shredded chicken is my staple when it comes to meal planning and easy meals because you get the nutrients from the chicken AND it heats up well.  We have all had the rubbery chicken from a microwave (barfed in my mouth thinking of it) but my shredded chicken go-to’s? BBQ chicken flatbreads, homemade chicken salad (usually put it in an avocado), bufffalo chicken taco lettuce wrap (use butter lettuce, its the only way to go), and burrito bowls! Let me know your favorites.

Hope you all had a great weekend and that tomorrow isn’t too much of a MONDAY for you!


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