$95 for 7 days.

2 people live in this house. Monday through Friday, I pack breakfast and lunch (whether it is cooked or just something from the pantry). My goal this year is to cook dinner pretty much every night ESPECIALLY during the week unless we have plans to go out to eat, which hopefully isn’t much considering it really is a waste of money.

This goal and plan is how Kevin and I started losing weight in the first place, eating at home with lesser portions and working out. So why not stick to what has worked?

I went to the grocery store with a menu plan and a list:


Not written on there is today’s meal which I made a second special trip to the grocery for: Fiesta day (homemade pico and guacamole with ground turkey nachos)! Below is the Pico simple and fresh!


I spent $95 between both trips and I am good until Friday night. Trying out some new recipes and will blog about my favorites and maybe even misses (cause no one is perfect in a kitchen). I could probably cut that bill down if Kev nasty enjoyed the food I did and vice versa. AKA Kevin doesn’t want to eat a form of mexican food every night and I happen to be about that life (haha).

Until next time…



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