Reflection on 2015

2015 was a blessed year as they all are because I have my health and the essentials to live comfortably.

In June 2014, I embarked on a health journey that was about 2-3 years overdue and I didn’t even realize how bad I had gotten.  The quick pounds came off in 2014 but the annoying onces were left for 2015.  At the end of 2014, I weighed 143 and I really wanted to get down to around 130 because that is a good weight for my heighth.  I did it, I fluctuate between 128-131 right now.

In 2015, we were first time season ticket holders for the Chicago Cubs and we went to plenty of games with a side of debauchery. We traveled to Louisville, Nashville and Kansas City. We made plenty of trips to Indy to see my family – attended the DareDevil Beerfest, Crossroad Classic, Indy 500 to just name some. It was a good year.

I enter into 2016 with goals, not resolutions. I am going to turn 30 in November (and I am taking that shockingly well).

1) Maintain weight and tone in some ways because I want to be at my best for my 30th and do a sexy photo shoot (outside of comfort zone)

2) Maintain this blog. Have a voice in general. A voice that has a level head and stands up for herself.

3) Plan better. Budget better. Eat out less. Find fun without needing buttloads of cash. Be frugal but fun.

So, anyone and everyone that MAY come acress this – Happy New Years!


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