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Kitchen Hiatus

January 27, 2016

Another rough week but who am I to complain about the simple things in life when there are people struggling with much more?  My complaints are so small…

I hated today; strong words for a day that I would honestly like to forget due to stress, hateful people and just complete struggle.  Bottom line is, you have to accept these days with open arms because life is simply not rainbows and butterflies.  Life is so unfair, it is hard and things more often than not don’t go your way – this is something that schooling can’t teach you, but I wish it could.

I cooked yesterday – made Kevin his favorite, the sausage and potato hash and I made myself one avocado homemade guacamole.  Do you guys ever make single serving guacamole?  Since I am the only one in this house that enjoys guac, I make it often and it is so easy: one avocado, 1/4 of an onion diced (i love onion), half of a roma tomato diced, a little lime juice, couple sprigs of cilantro (also obsessed with cilantro), dash of cumin/paprika/garlic salt…YOU ARE WELCOME.  Single serving guac.

Tomorrow is the last day of the work week for me; I am heading to my hometown for a wake on Thursday and flying to New Orleans on Friday.  I would say all together, it is a bittersweet week.

With that being said, I will choose to dwell on a couple upcoming positives: Devour Downtown with my mom, possible drinks with Kevin in Indy Thursday, and most importantly meeting Elise this weekend!!  I have not seen my BFF Nikki since her baby shower weekend and I am so excited to go on Elise’s first adventure to Indy (by car…wish us luck).

I was so thrilled to be asked because being the friend with no kids sometimes counts you out of a lot of bonding time with the mama (who is your friend no matter the priority change) and baby.  I am excited to see their new home and see MiMi and hopefully my first love, Matt.  It is a quick trip but don’t worry, we’re invading them in three weeks too!  I feel blessed to see my lovebug Elise 2 times within a month!

My blog may suffer but have no fear, I am not quitting.  I may even blog about the food I eat over the next 4-5 days, maybe even about Elise’s perfection, or just the fact that I am reuinted with “my person”, or simply the adventures of the road trip.

If you know my hatred for planes, you’ll pray for me Friday and actually send up an extra prayer for the person next to me cause I will either hold their hand OR talk their ear off the whole time. Sorry bro, grandma, mom figure…I’m just anxious!


How is it Sunday?

January 25, 2016

I mean, I swear it was just Friday morning. I am blasting music (Katy Perry, judge me!) trying to act like tomorrow isn’t Monday HOWEVER it is a short week for me…and I get to go to Devour Downtown with my mom in Indy on Thursday (maybe meet up with my husband and party a little that night in Indy too, like college days) AND get to travel to New Orleans to see my best friend and meet my “niece” Elise!

This weekend was pretty chill.  Friday was easy living and then Saturday I decided it was time to go and buy some clothes and such for myself.  Just kidding, you know I am too cheap for that nonsense; I had some returns at Maurice’s and just traded them out and got 2 clearance items because AGAIN, I am cheap.

Onto Saturday, we had date night with some friends and one of the girls had set up cooking class for us all.  I didn’t know what to expect but Kevin was down to do it so I said yes – honestly it wasn’t what I expected but it WAS still fun.  We were all put with someone other than our significant other (other than Mindy and Kyle) so I got matched with Joe.

Sweet, sweet Joe. Honestly, he was the greatest passive partner that helped when need be.  We got crab cakes which I do like but usually not a dish that I would order so I was excited to be out of my comfort zone.  The chef had made “prep” pans for every food type (there were 6 different groups) and ours seemed to be lacking a good amount of what the recipe called for (basil, celery, olive oil…) so that was Joe’s first task.  We sauteed the pepper/celery/onion concoction and then we put everything in a bowl to make the crab cakes which was the cutest part.  I wanted Joe to put his hands in there; it made me flash back to the first time I made meatloaf.  When he first put his hands in, he was so gentle but I told him to dig in.  He made the best shaped/looking crab cakes after he decided to get dirty with it (we won best dish, I accredit him with that).  It was fun!


Enter a caption

We left there, came home…slept and I knew I would wake up early so I had planned on making from scratch donuts with from scratch glaze.  I did both.

I feel like there is nothin’ better than waking up on a weekend knowing there really isn’t any extreme responsibility.  Donuts signify that.  They are a childhood favorite and they are just a nice little treat for your weekday issues – and there are usually some leftover for Kevin to have for his WEEK DAY woes 🙂

If you read my prior post on donuts, I used a mix but this go round…I found a 6 donut making recipe and it was funfetti (Kevin loves) and I figured, what do I have to lose?  Well, I am here to tell you that we only gained both weight and a recipe to keep around.  These donuts were perfection and I would choose these over DD any day but not over Longs (Kevin has yet to have those little pieces of heaven). Look how they fluffed up!  Get a DONUT PAN ALREADY, funfetti donuts!


So after our sugar high of a morning, we relaxed…I colored in my coloring book, cleaned and laundered some but mostly colored.  I am literally the biggest kid and now I have my earphones in but am singing loud; Kevin is loving life.  I think I heard him say “Oh I know Lady, I thought this was only a girls night deal”….

Then I decided it was time for a little cooking and a little meal prep and this type of meal is my favorite:  ONE POT MEAL!

Veggie Fajita Pasta is what was made.  Honestly, for a one pot meal, it called for a lot of fresh veggies and seasonings – it was very delicious and it will be my meal for lunch Monday through Wednesday.  I am unsure what the recipe called for exactly but I did use whole wheat pasta (as I always do in anything that calls for pasta).  I am a huge fan of this because it isn’t a dried out tasting pasta and I feel it will heat up well (will confirm later).



Tomorrow is Monday. Lets conquer it !

PS…Kevin just asked me to bring it down 28 notches.

Fun Friday!

January 23, 2016

The amount of productiveness that came out of me today was crazy.  So much done at work, then workout and kitchen time.  I thought when I pressed snooze for an hour (not an exaggeration, also not too proud of that) that I was going to be in for it today…

I am already having the winter blues which isn’t good because it is only mid-January: pressing snooze more than usual, dreading getting out of bed, just going through the motions of the day without getting anything really accomplished, laying around, my feelings of wanting to wear pajamas 24/7.  I need to snap out of it because I am annoying myself so I am trying to come up with lists of things to accomplish weekly.  So far, the list is a thought and nothing is on it because as stated above – I am just struggling.

That struggle has unfortunately carried over to my kitchen life.  Wednesday is dollar beer night at the nearest pizza place, so I suckered Kevin into taking me there for a couple brews and sandwiches.  Sometimes, you just need a night out to unwind.  I love the feels of this particular place for some reason too, family owned and operated (and I am pretty sure he knows me from all our trips there and carry outs).  So that was our solo date night of the week; cheap and delicious!

Thursday was grocery day and I went without a list.  I depend so much on that list because I am like a toddler in a grocery store – if something looks pretty on a shelf, I will just grab it.  I sat in my car for like 10 minutes before and took a snapshot of some recipes:  creamy cilantro chicken and fajita veggie pasta.  Thursday night was turkey nachos and tonight, I made my own little marinade for our chicken.  I came out of the grocery spending $57 and it SHOULD last me until Monday maybe Tuesday night.  I would say that is successful.  I also was able to bag my own groceries which is my preference – is anyone else that way?  I line them up as they should be bagged and with what they should be bagged with every time…yet they end up putting eggs with a bag of apples or bread under every thing on the converyor belt or meat with your produce.  I appreciate help in life, but like I know the grocery.  I do you a solid by setting you up for perfection and when I get home to 2 broken eggs, I am not thrilled cause those eggs were five bucks.  I won’t even let Kevin carry in my golden eggs!  Ok, ok…end rant…

Tonight, I decided to experiment a bit in the marinade category.  I said to Kevin “the good news is, if you don’t like it…we do have a couple frozen pizzas in the freezer”.

We DID enjoy it and below is what i did:

I bought some chicken tenders and didn’t want to oil up a pan and cook them and I wasn’t in the mood for a breaded tender either so I decided, why not make my own marinade?  I used about 2 tbsp garlic olive oil, like 3 cloves of garlic, juice of a half lemon, 1 tbsp rosemary, 1 tbsp oregano, a little salt/pep, dash of onion powder and crushed red pepper.  Put in all in the food processor and poured over the chicken and rubbed it in then baked in the oven.  It had a little kick but a great lemony garlic flavor too.  I would make something similar again.  It would be a perfect marinade for chicken that you were putting in a wrap or a salad – fresh tasting!

Last weekend before absolute insanity hits until April.  Excited to get shit done, have a little fun and enjoy the company!

Tomorrow night, we are doing a cooking class…wish us luck 😉



Testing , Toenail, Tasty Tuesday

January 20, 2016

In that order…

Testing: Not like ISTEP standardized testing or classroom testing but REAL life testing of patience and reaction.  This week has worked every bit of my nerves and my stress is at an all time high because of work and life and all things adult.  As I sit here, I realize how little any of that matters and I am 100 percent over it – mother nature (women, you know) is testing me.

Toenail: Were you intrigued by that?  I know you are either grossed out prior to knowing what it means or you are extremely intrigued.  I love when we partake in Toenail Tuesday for Lady (our perfect pup orrrr in reality 7 year old curious loud dog).  Our locally owned pet store has toenail clippings for 5 bucks on Tuesday and they are awesome and Lady loves to sniff around the store.  She doesn’t get out much so it is a bit of an adventure for her and we always let her “pick” a special something.  She doesn’t really pick anything but I think I am so excited about the outting that its a really big affair and big deal (cue Kevin’s eye roll at me taking SO long to pick stuff for her).  This legit made my day; its the small things.


Blog readers meet my BFF/dogter, Lady…

Tasty:  I had a veggie scramble with some blueberries this morning and finished off the pot roast for lunch.  I knew I had chicken to cook tonight and it was time to make the Garlic Rosemary Chicken with potatoes (sans the green beans cause Kev isn’t into green beans).  First off, is there much better than the smell of FRESH rosemary?  The answer is HELL no.  Just the smell of rosemary made me so giddy that I knew this dish would not and could not fail.  Secondly, this meal is cooked on one cookie sheet which any person knows is such a positive.  Lastly, its an oven meal so once its prepped and in the oven, turn on the timer and relax without babysitting. Recipe Here!


*Please note that I used boneless skinless chicken breast because it was all I had;  it didn’t brown like boob with skin would but flavor was still delish!

Easy cleanup.  Already have heartburn from the garlic (proof that we’re only getting older) and now a little Vegas planning…so much happening these next two months, New Orleans twice, Vegas and Texas.

Stay warm, be positive and hopefully everyone gets over the hump of the week with grace and happiness!

Naughty Girl

January 18, 2016

So its Sunday, so I wanted to go to the gym and be SO productive and SO healthy.

I failed so hard. I am so naughty.  But we all deserve an all around naughty day, don’t we? I knew right away that I was going down the wrong path quick.  I just looked at Kevin and said “you want me to make some donuts this morning?”.  So with my new donut pan out and begging to be used, I made donuts.  Not HOMEMADE (although I do have some recipes but this was my first go round).  I used this batter:  Stonewall Kitchen Powdered Donuts.  I am not a sweets or donut girl, but these were delicious cake donuts and I would make them again.  This specific pan/batter made a dozen and Kevin ate 3 and I had 1.  I would say, if you have kids and have sleepovers, etc…get a pan and these mixes (many varieties available).  Very little time and effort and delicious breakfast!  We don’t have kids, we don’t have sleepovers but this will be in my aresenal for life now.  I am excited to try out my homemade recipes!


Then lunch was leftover Pot Roast; does anything say winter and comfort like pot roast or beef stew?  My pot roast was delicious and small enough that I won’t waste a lot (Kevin doesn’t eat it) but have enough for 4-5 meals for myself!  Easy, little cleanup and so perfect for these cold days:

1.5 lbs of English Roast (seasoned with some salt and pep)

4 Medium Yukon Gold Potatoes (chunks)

1/2 bag of baby carrots

3/4 large sweet onion (chunks)

Onion Soup Mix, Couple Minced Garlic Cloves, Salt, Pep, 1-1/4 cup water

Cook on high for 3 hours, then low for 4ish hours. Shred beef.

Last night Kevin wasn’t hungry enough to make the rosemary chicken so that will be tomorrow more than likely.  Speaking of tomorrow, I am less than thrilled to hear about the frigid temps tomorrow.  I feel sorry for all of us and our skin.  If I even hear that its going to be frigid with a little wind, my skin breaks out before even going outside.  It is going to be a rough week!

We cuddled up inside tonight, eating baked ziti and enjoying some brews before reality hits tomorrow.  Stay safe and warm y’all!




January 16, 2016

One of my favorite parts of weekends is my ability to have a fresh (not reheated) breakfast and Kevin has an actual cooked breakfast (not cereal).  Today I had veggie scrambled eggs with homemade hash browns and Kevin had pancakes with some hash browns.


My favorite pancake mix (GF) and then my deliciousness on the right!

I am the biggest advocate of breakfast and how it should NEVER be a meal that is skipped because I accredit my weight loss to restructuring my meals to include breakfast and a mid-morning snack.  I talk to a lot of people that do something quick and processed (and maybe full of sugar) which at least they are jump starting their day and metabolism, but I do try to make my breakfast meal as CLEAN as possible.  As stated before, I check sugar in everything and being conscious of this has really helped my skin, mood, and weight.  I was looking at Yahoo and this article came up: Breakfast Foods to aid in weight loss.

My weekday breakfasts are either a veggie and egg scramble with tomatoes on the side, yogurt with a fruit, or an apple with PB (or Justin’s almond butter which is an obsession of mine).  So I stick to 3, 4, and 5 with very little 2 and rarely 1. I try to incorporate oatmeal into bars/smoothies/etc every so often because unfortunately I hate oatmeal unless its mixed into things.  If you like oatmeal (without the added sugar though!), you are really on a good track too.

Some recipes that I have that could help you on your POSSIBLY new breakfast journey: Oatmeal Cookie SmoothieBanana Oatmeal Cookies (add in dark chocolate or some nuts), Egg White Muffins (any variety of veggies or seasoning), and PB Blueberry Breakfast Bars.

After breakfast, I threw ingredients in for a pot roast and I am also going to make Rosemary Garlic chicken with red potatoes and fresh green beans.  I am unsure if we will have any company today but one thing is for sure, there will be enough food 🙂  I will report on the taste and recipes tomorrow, after they’ve made it into our bellies of course!

Enjoy your Saturday & watch your step and don’t bust your ass like  I did this morning…(I’m fine, lots of laughs about it)


Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner!

January 14, 2016

Happy Hump Day y’all!

It was a hectic day but it felt good getting out after another ridiculous night of sleep (8 hours again).  Feeling a little more myself but who are we kidding?  If you live in the midwest you know that the darkness and the cold sometimes catch up to your mood and your well being.  Its so easy to be grouchy, but today – I decided against grouchy because I had so much to do!

Today was meal plan and grocery day.  I have found that planning for 5 days is much better than trying to do a full 7; you want your produce to be fresh and meat naturally doesn’t last too long in a fridge (I really hate freezer meats, its one of my weird things) so for these next days we have:

Skinny Buffalo Chicken strips (happened tonight)

Rosemary Chicken with Red potatoes and fresh green beans

Pot Roast

Pizza Pasta

Breakfast for dinner

Do you see how much likelihood there is for leftovers? Me too!

I spent $82 for this week of food plus some; like REAL maple syrup which I have an ungodly obsession for and Kevin eats (probably couldn’t tell you the difference in taste) yet I have it once every 3 months and I refuse to go back to the fake side.  If you love pancakes, waffles, french toast, etc and you haven’t spent 7-14 bucks on REAL maple syrup….do yourself a solid and try it.  Also got some bathroom supplies and unnecessary organic flatbreads I’m obsessed with.

Okay, enough about the groceries, how about what filled our tummies tonight??

I made Skillet Buffalo Chicken Tenders and they were a household favorite already.  These are simple, delicious and if you don’t want them to be buffalo then they’d be great with just the seasoning prior to the tossage!  They remind us a bit of BW3’s naked tenders.  If you read the stats on the food, 2 strips is 110 calories.  Great deal.   Would be great in a salad with some onion, gorgonzola or bleu cheese, celery and carrots with a little bit of ranch.  Yum, that makes me wish I had leftovers!


The only tips I can give are this:  Let them brown in the pan, don’t flip too soon.  Give them a good 3-4 minutes on each side.  The browner, the better.  Once you toss them in the sauce, throw them on a pan and broil them to cook the sauce in and make a little less messy!

I will make this an easy go-to meal.  As you can tell, we are a buffalo sauce obsessive family and we know this.  But usually buffalo can be interchanged with BBQ sauce for you milder people…let me know if you make this and your thoughts.

Before I sign off for the night, do you guys eat 1-2-3-4-5 meals a day?  Do you allow yourself a snack time?  I generally meal at 8 AM, snack at 10 AM, lunch at 12 PM, snack around 2 PM and dinner around 5-6 PM.  I think my next blog may include my favorite snacks because ever since Advocare cleanses (if interested in any of those products or the 10 day cleanse, let me know! or get with my go-to, Danielle Tratar) – I’ve stuck to their meal plan.  It has generally worked for me.  Let me know your meal type and what works for you because I am always interested.

Well…this scramble for tomorrow isn’t going to make itself…thank you all for the reads, love it and love you all for the support!

Rough Start

January 13, 2016

Well, Mondays are just…Mondays!  I am thankful that I get to see another one but it seems like I am just off-balance all day which my husband will tell you that I am just weird and off all the time.

Yesterday, I went to work as normal (hopefully that stops when Kevin buys the winning Powerball ticket right now) and knew that I was coming home for a solo night with just Lady and I.  I held back some leftovers from my mom and dad’s house to have so that I could literally just relax – cuddle, snuggle, watch trash TV and maybe blog.  Tiredness hit me like a ton of bricks and I did the first two with lady and started drifting away around 7 PM and was sound asleep by 8 PM.  That is quite early even for someone who acts double their actual age most of the times; so that brings me to this morning wake up.  Normal 4:15-4:30 wake up and my head was feeling a little off and then turned on a light and HOLY misery.  It hurt to have my eyes open and I felt that I could literally sleep all day long at that moment.  So I let my boss know that I  wasn’t going to make it in – please note this is my first call off due to sickness in like 4 years.  I hate doing it but I really didn’t want to drive nor did I think I could stand the flourescent lights.  So I passed back out until like 7:30 (cause Lady was not thrilled with the later wake up) and decided to try to make myself something.  So I made a little egg scramble with some protein and veggies to get some nutrients in my body.  Back to laying down and doing nothing with lady; dozed here and there and then luckily had some leftover soup to heat up for lunch.  BAM, I felt human again. I am still a little tired somehow but I feel like I can function.  Which brings me to the kitchen a little bit longer.

I felt completely worthless for the day so I figured that Kevin would have a not fun ride home from Indy so I baked him some Cookies! and they are supposed to be chocolate chip according to the recipe…but I was in the house and decided to go with what I had which was dark chocolate M&M’s.  This specific recipe had some little facts on like “why cornstarch”,  reasons to go heavy on chocolate chips and brown sugar, etc.  I am all for pointers and explanations.  These were a big hit and Kevin said they were “fluffy” so I think that is one time to TOTALLY accept that as an adjective!

I had those and a cold beer poured for him when he got home; sometimes I am not so bad!


Upper left is a modeling picture because Kevin was over our cookie sheets so he got “me” some for Christmas; men!  Disclaimer:  I made larger cookies which extended the cook time to 15ish minutes and made 16 cookies!

I love baking and I love watching people enjoy the sweet goodies that bring comfort as well as some happiness.  With that being said, I don’t generally enjoy anything sweet and rarely will you see me munching on sweets.  I really dislike adding sugar to my diet that isn’t natural (like in fruits) because it is a trigger for my skin among other things.  So if sweets are your thing – there is a chance that weekly i’ll have a cookie or muffin or cupcake of sorts around…come on over and bring chips & salsa, we’ll barter!

Well as we finish up this Tuesday up…I end with dinner conversation which I wish could be another recipe but it isn’t.  I offered to make dinner even though I am still tired and together we decided on a gourmet Jack’s Frozen Pizza.  Sometimes, frozen pizzas are like a little piece of heaven on this earth – doesn’t dirty many dishes, quick and easy, and simply remind me of being in college.

Tomorrow is a little meal planning, a little cookin’ dinner and hopefully a lot of relaxing.  Hope everyone had a great first two days of the week; hoping hump day brings a good feeling Kristin and a lack of stress work day.




Weekend Madness

January 10, 2016

You know when you feel like you’ve done SO much but really accomplished very little?  That was me this weekend.  Shot straight to Indy on Friday after work for a nice home-cooked meal from my mom and just enjoying some adult beverages and conversation.  One of the convos happened to be about the winter storm that was coming on Saturday late afternoon/evening and they urged me to hurry back Saturday and cancel the appointment I was there for.  So I did and guess what! The region didn’t even end up getting an inch.  Its okay, I got in a nice visit and a chill weekend with Kev and Lady.

My mom made me Beef and Noodles with her homemade mashed potatoes on Friday with a follow up of her homemade Biscuits and Gravy on Saturday morning.  Not shitting you, the smell woke me up.  My dad even said “told you the smell would wake her”.  One day, I will learn how to make the gravy but until then, I will allow her to make it for me whenever she deems it necessary. (Also, her mashed potatoes are the BEST – her supposed secret? Yukon Gold potatoes, Milnot and reserving a little water from boiling them among other things…mine still are NEVER the same as hers).

That brings me to yesterday.  Doomsday according to NWI.  It was really ridiculous and why milk and bread?  Is that really going to save you when we get snow and you are stuck inside?  As soon as I got into town, I  had to go to the store because we literally had very little to make an actual meal with so I stopped by Stracks only to find zero parking spots and ended up getting honked at and the middle finger.  My anxiety was through the roof so OFF TO TARGET I went.  I have enough to last me Saturday-Wednesday for $50 bucks.  I consider that a huge victory (since the Velveeta alone was $6.50, enter in extremely dramatic eyeroll).

Last night,  I made homemade Bacon Mac N Cheese.  Kevin is a huge fan of this meal and I gave it thim as an option, he jumped on it.  It is just my own improv meal using elbow noodles, Velveeta, butter, milk, breadcrumbs, bacon and the bacon grease.  It is easy and delish.

Today was brunch and then I meal prepped for the beginning of the week, on deck?  Lemon Orzo Soup!  Today, I decided to change it up just a little bit.  I told you how I am frugal so I only bought one package of chicken for this week and didn’t want to use it for this so I chose to put chickpeas in place of the chicken.  Beans are perfect substitutes.  It ups the amount of carbohydrates of course, but I will just keep that in mind for breakfast and dinner.  Beans are so good to help you make a cheap meal or a meatless meal – so interchangable.


This is about 5 servings because I did only 4 cups of chicken stock and 3/4 cup of water.  This is less than 2 dollars a serving which is great.  Fresh produce, pantry products, and just great for when you are feeling a little under the weather.  Even use the lemon carcasses to clean up your kitchen and make it smell delicious.

That brings me to the importance of meal planning and grocery gettin’.   I have brought up pantry meals in ever post but I am going to tell you my favorite things to make sure I have around: garlic (fresh), some type of rice, boxed pasta, diced tomatoes (reg and rotel), chicken broth, potatoes, carrots/celery, frozen onions and spinach, pasta sauce, panko breadcrumbs and regular breadcrumbs, italian or ranch seasoning packet, taco seasoning.  Do you see the opportunity?  Mix some italian seasoning with panko breadcrumbs and then bread chicken and bake them – DELISH.  Chicken broth to slow cook some chicken and then add some taco seasoning or salsa, make anything.  Ranch seasoning mixed with ground beef and onion – burgers.  Just sit down, think about what you enjoy eating regularly and use regularly and make sure to buy an extra couple.  That way, you can just focus on buying your meat.  If something is on sale, I will purchase multiple so that I don’t have to pay full price.

Also when you are buying groceries, think about the uses of the protein/meat throughout the week.  I will buy a pound of sausage to make omelettes for the week as well as make your own pizza.  Baked chicken as a meal and then used in a salad.  Always think about how to MAXIMIZE your purchases and use all you have.

Eating at home was the key to successful weight loss and overall feeling good for me personally cause I controlled everything and portions.  Diets are a great thought BUT do NOT take away everything you love or skip meals or limit yourself so much that you can’t stand it.  And don’t beat yourself up because its a process and nothing changes over night so no one should be like this:


Everyone.  Survive Monday, actually…CONQUER your Monday!


Every day has been a Monday…

January 8, 2016

but I am getting my hair done Saturday FINALLY! (cue the hallelujahs!)

It has been easy peasy kitchen days (or lack of kitchen days) because my sweetheart husband decided to plan a little mid-week date for the two of us.  Dinner and a movie.  Highly recommend “The Big Short” to anyone interested in more serious yet informative movies; I am sure the housing market issues and chaos from 2007-2008 affected you or someone you knew.

Today, I needed to go to Target after the gym and I was dreading it.  I know  most people are like me, walk in with a list or monetary amount you are wanting to spend but walk out with that plus a million.  Today, I sat out in the car pep talking myself because it is just ridiculous the amount of random shit I walk out with.  How did my pep talk go? “Kristin, you don’t even need to look in women’s or junior’s because you have enough to get you through til spring/summer.  You do need a new sports bra and regular bra but if you walk to these sections, you’ll purchase like 5.  Don’t do it. Stick to the necessities.”

So I did. Ish.

I had to buy bathroom necessities – razors, TP, D.O. for our B.O. but then the hard part was going to the food.  I love their food section.  I love just looking at what they have.  For instance, they had a 10 oz package of pre shredded organic chicken – WHO KNEW!?!  Remember the whole lazy meal thing?  There ya go, perfection in the refrigerated aisle.  Either way, since I ran into someone I knew and spent so much of my time just looking, I decided make your own pizza night for the Hetrick’s tonight and make an omelette for tomorrow morning.  Seriously, omelettes are quick (and can be easy as long as the flip goes well) and so many health benefits from them.  I usually do an omelette but sometimes do a nice scramble. Tonight,  I made a green pepper, onion and turkey sausage with a smidge of cheese omelette.


Some things I’d like to plug is this (10% off on Cartwheel plus a $5 dollar gift card if you buy three):


Serving size of this one is four per bag and it is delicious! You see the amount of IRON ladies? Fiber, potassium. This is a quick something to make to last you a good part of the week for your lunch.  They give you ideas of what to add to it too; they ring in between 3-7 bucks (this specific one is on the 3 dollar side and I do love it).  A little high on sodium but their is a lot of positive to this meal.

That wraps up my last two days, looking forward to the weekend…may even have a co-host tomorrow, Phyllis Kay.  I am visiting my parents and she is cooking beef and noodles with homemade mashed potatoes.  There is nothing better than being cooked for!