Least Favorite Form of NWI

I hate driving in any bad conditions: rain, snow, extreme traffic and MOSTLY ice. Ice is just so unpredictable. Guess what happened today in the good ol’ armpit of Indiana…


This morning, like the responsible adult I am, I decided to wake up at 3:45 to get the show on the road and get on the road to get to the ghetto by 6 AM at the latest. Well, I beat this said ice storm and got to work at 5:30 (without coffee). It was supposed to kind of round up around noon and warm up – it didn’t really do that so my commute home was hellacious. Leaving me wanting to do nothing but whine about my day (expense system went down, its end of year)/the ice/how fat I feel/people’s Monday attitudes BUT I ATTACKED THE AFTERNOON.

Gym. Then dishes. Then cooked two different dinners (more on that soon). Dishes again. Now wine-ing cause I am old enough and honestly feel like I DESERVE it. Hello Merlot, Goodbye problems (til 6:00 AM).

Felt like getting down in the kitchen tonight because I finally got an iPad stand for the kitchen. There is one thing about me, if I do have a bad day – I am more than likely going to take it out on the kitchen and weightlifting. I did both today so I have literally no thoughts of the bad right now.

Dinner #1: Italian breaded chicken with baked potato (for guess who)

Dinner #2: Lemon Ricotta Whole Grain pasta (as found here Lemon Ricotta Pasta with a couple substitutes -whole grain pasta, more crushed red pepper, 1/2 tsp of garlic salt and a little parmie cheese of course to top)

Kevin’s dinner is always a hit but dinner #2 was a first time occurrence, I wouldn’t make it a staple in my household but there was something refreshing about it. It was very easy and quick, great for a work evening. I now have food to last me through Wednesday (Made taco stuffed peppers yesterday).

I am going to go and enjoy this KJ Merlot with my husband and dog, all while we all three have our own blankets on this gloomy evening…Happy Monday!


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