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Least Favorite Form of NWI

December 29, 2015

I hate driving in any bad conditions: rain, snow, extreme traffic and MOSTLY ice. Ice is just so unpredictable. Guess what happened today in the good ol’ armpit of Indiana…


This morning, like the responsible adult I am, I decided to wake up at 3:45 to get the show on the road and get on the road to get to the ghetto by 6 AM at the latest. Well, I beat this said ice storm and got to work at 5:30 (without coffee). It was supposed to kind of round up around noon and warm up – it didn’t really do that so my commute home was hellacious. Leaving me wanting to do nothing but whine about my day (expense system went down, its end of year)/the ice/how fat I feel/people’s Monday attitudes BUT I ATTACKED THE AFTERNOON.

Gym. Then dishes. Then cooked two different dinners (more on that soon). Dishes again. Now wine-ing cause I am old enough and honestly feel like I DESERVE it. Hello Merlot, Goodbye problems (til 6:00 AM).

Felt like getting down in the kitchen tonight because I finally got an iPad stand for the kitchen. There is one thing about me, if I do have a bad day – I am more than likely going to take it out on the kitchen and weightlifting. I did both today so I have literally no thoughts of the bad right now.

Dinner #1: Italian breaded chicken with baked potato (for guess who)

Dinner #2: Lemon Ricotta Whole Grain pasta (as found here Lemon Ricotta Pasta with a couple substitutes -whole grain pasta, more crushed red pepper, 1/2 tsp of garlic salt and a little parmie cheese of course to top)

Kevin’s dinner is always a hit but dinner #2 was a first time occurrence, I wouldn’t make it a staple in my household but there was something refreshing about it. It was very easy and quick, great for a work evening. I now have food to last me through Wednesday (Made taco stuffed peppers yesterday).

I am going to go and enjoy this KJ Merlot with my husband and dog, all while we all three have our own blankets on this gloomy evening…Happy Monday!


Adulting and the Uproar

December 27, 2015

I don’t really ever care what people think of me and my word usage because if you know or have ever met me, I curse like a sailor and have very little grace. I don’t pride myself in either but its life.

Recently, I have read some articles about the word “adulting” and pretty much how we shouldn’t use it as a word because it is simply everyday life. My feelings? “Adulting” is real – some people choose to do it and some people choose not to, some people should do it but don’t, and some adult aged people simply have no need to adult. Why people get so butt hurt over word is ridiculous to me, but we live in such a politically correct world that it isn’t shocking.

So my blog is about adulting. I don’t like it. I choose to do it simply because it is the right thing to do; please note I fail misereably at the task a lot of times but sometimes I kickass at it. So if you hate that term, you may hate this blog and may dislike me which is fine. To each their own.

This blog is my hope to document my life and how I am excelling and what I could work on. I know I can cook and maintain a household and even pay my bills, but how can I do all of this better with maybe more correlation? Can I provide myself with incentives? This will be about failure and progress personally, financially and spiritually with HOPEFULLY tons of laughs and experiences to look back on.

So right now, I am enjoying an adult beverage and cheersing to a new year, not a new me  but a better me…I hope people end up following and reading – but if they don’t, self growth is the goal!